Building & Refurbishment


Callidus Scotland is currently working on some high profile contracts with MacKenzie Construction, Scottish Canals and NLL.

With a wide range of skills we can work on modern buildings such as, Coatbridge Time Capsule to, The Basin, a 200 year old building for Canals. We work hand-in-hand with Scottish heritage delivering their needs and value engineering for our clients.


Revolutionise your business, as well as your building with a complete interior and exterior renovation from Callidus Scotland.


Restore former glory to historical sites and buildings with the creative engineers who specialise in a range of restorations.


Give your office building a makeover with the skilled team at Callidus Scotland, using the latest tech to bring a high quality upgrade.


Bring your building into the 21st century with a modern upgrade from our team, including top tech, renovation and a modern design.