Building & Refurbishment


Callidus Scotland is currently working on some high profile contracts with MacKenzie Construction, Scottish Canals and NLL.

With a wide range of skills we can work on modern buildings such as, Coatbridge Time Capsule to, The Basin, a 200 year old building for Canals. We work hand-in-hand with Scottish heritage delivering their needs and value engineering for our clients.


Revolutionise your business, as well as your building with a complete interior and exterior renovation from Callidus Scotland.


Restore former glory to historical sites and buildings with the creative engineers who specialise in a range of restorations.


Give your office building a makeover with the skilled team at Callidus Scotland, using the latest tech to bring a high quality upgrade.


Bring your building into the 21st century with a modern upgrade from our team, including top tech, renovation and a modern design.


Concrete Solutions

Create the perfect concrete finish for floors, driveways, patios and more


Expert advice, design and construction for all infrastructure projects

Building & Refurbishment

Breathe new life into your business with building and refurbishment services

Domestic Solutions

Build your dream home or extension with our talented team

Smart Surface

Lay the perfect surface for your project, including synthetic surfaces

Sports & Leisure

Sports fields, tracks, leisure centres, tennis courts, stadiums and more