About Us

about us

Welcome to Callidus Scotland. We are a civil engineering company based in Glasgow, specialising in Infrastructure and non-Infrastructure works, qualified in the latest ISO 9001 certification. We value our clients, which drives our desire to provide highly skilled engineering and produce consistent high quality products in all sectors we work in.

As a company, we recognise the importance of our employees and the contributions that they bring to each job and we empower them to maximise their potential by encouraging them in their continued development within Callidus Scotland.

Advanced Technology

At Callidus Scotland, we use the most advanced technology available, ensuring each project is completed to the highest standards.

Management Team

Callidus Scotland have a wide range of motivated personnel who compliment their skills to make the company stronger at all times.

Competitive pricing

We offer a bespoke pricing on a per project basis. Contact a member of our team today to discuss completing your project at a competitive price.

excellent quality

All of our projects are completed to the highest quality standards in the industry and is guaranteed by our top team of engineers.